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Services Offered

  • Daily, weekly or monthly cash or cheque collections and deposits
  • Bulk cash or bullion movement – local and long distance
  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly wage or bonus packing and delivery
  • Packing of individual wage envelopes
  • Overnight storage of cash or bullion
  • Movement of valuables, sensitive documents and data
  • Specialist tailor-made services, including airport (airside) collections or deliveries
  • Fully Armoured vehicles for high value consignments.
  • The sale or hire of security cash boxes in four convenient sizes

Frequently Asked Questions

Our charges are based on a time and mileage basis on country runs or on a fixed charge within the city or town of service.
Our response vehicles are all satellite tracked in real time.
Our fleet of trucks are serviced regularly by qualified staff in accordance with manufacturer recommendations. Service records are available for each vehicle.

Swatech Cash-in-Transit (CIT)

This service includes (but are not limited to) the collection or delivery of a cash consignment to or from your premises. This cash consignment could be either notes or coins or a combination of the two. These services are carried out by security professionals, who have undergone specialised training to meet the required high industry standards. 

Our armoured vehicles are built according to the minimum required specifications.  These vehicles are sophisticated, secure and are under constant surveillance by our National Control Centre .

Our personnel are only appointed after meeting our own stringent vetting standards. Specific focus on experience, skills, aptitude, attitude and most importance – security clearance.

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Where are you at?
Where are you at?

No matter where you are we have a service for you, reach out to us by clicking the below link and we will answer your questions.

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The cost of our services?
The cost of our services?

Interested in our services, reach out to Swatech by clicking the below link and we will get back to you to discuss how we can offer you the best protection.

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