About Us

about us

Corporate Philosophy

Our Vision is To be the global benchmark and lead advocates for security, peace and industrial development.

Client Focus

We value our customers and are attentive and empathetic to their specific and sensitive needs.


We are true to our word and promote honesty, transparency and openness. We believe in taking responsibility for our actions and being accountable to those whom we serve.

Service Excellence

Our ultimate operational objective is to provide services that are second to none.


We value the contribution of each and every team member and recognize the inherent strength of collaborative effort.

To deliver the promise of all-round protection through the provision of professional and trusted security services to all our clients.

we're the best

Our advantages

Standardised Investigative Process
Standardised Investigative Process

This enables a consistent approach to investigation.

Professional Standards
Professional Standards

This delivers recognised processes, procedures, supervision and minimum standards.

Common Methodologies
Common Methodologies

This delivers the best methods to complete the various stages
of an investigation.

Development of Best Practice
Development of Best Practice

This identifies and encourages improved and better
ways of working and discourages bad practice.



SWATECH Security is primarily a paramilitary personnel and asset protection specialist organization. Established in 2020 by high ranking former members of the Special Forces with paramount operational, strategic and tactical experience, our officers, products and services are second to none.

Our security officers are all from the Special Forces and have proudly adopted our organization’s creed which is governed by a strong dedication to efficiency and excellence in every task and/or mission.

Our methods are unconventional, modern and proactive in nature.

The recognition of opportunities is one of the major motivations of the organization and we subsequently aim to create a compelling future for services, which goes beyond the basics provided, as well as our planning horizon, a vision that will see us recognized as provider of world-class innovative solutions and internationally recognized as a leader in our areas of trade. Our intensive, in house training programs along with our first-class industry license and qualifications have proved to be the competitive edge we possess as our experience in providing tactical and physical support to all sectors of the market has proved invaluable. One of our primary roles is to prevent and investigate crime in an effective, efficient and fair

This function, we have always believed is an essential part of the wider role of security forces to ensure corporate and community safety. In order to deliver an effective and efficient investigative function, we align our operations to the specific needs of our clients and ensure that we work to a structured and documented operational procedure that is standardized, in accordance with
the laws governing the investigation of crime, is human rights compliant and reflects international best practices.


Our Leaders

Our Management team have the necessary experience to provide the best advice and the knowledge to consult and recommend an unequalled security solution for the diverse needs of our customers. The company also maintains an excellent business relation with leading manufacturers in the security industry which allow us to keep abreast of all the latest technological trends and state of art developments in specialized system and weapons